IEKEI Ramen noodles were founded in Yokohama. Its’ noodles are firm and thick which come in rich soup featuring pork-bone broth, chicken oil called CHIIYU, and soy-sauce. The noodles are usually topped with a large slice of seaweed and spinach.
You can chose firmness of noodles, amount of oil, and richness of flavor. IEKEI Ramen is now making a movement from Yokohama to nation wide as a new type of Ramen noodles. Available to choose the taste (Rich or Light), the amount of fat in the soup, the boiling of the noodles, and it’s established as one ramen genre, has acquired enthusiastic fans. Although this ramen is said to have about 1,000 stores mainly in Japan, “ICHIKAKUYA” with more than 80 stores is a brand that succeeded in making multiple stores among this genre.


The most popular menu.
When you eat once, you get hooked in this taste.
When you eat twice, you cannot forget this taste.
When you eat three times, you cannot stop eating it.



Franchisor “Garden” is a specialist of corporate restructuring

Garden group started business revitalization for restaurants since they did a corporate acquisition in 2007. Since then, they have had opportunities to acquire several companies and developed rebranding F&B business. Now they own more than 10 brands under Garden group. Those brands are not only owned directly by Garden group, but also by many partner companies. Their highly profitable restaurant franchise package drew attention nation wide. They have worked together with many partner companies to open new shops and kept on growing the business.
The number of foreign visitors to Japan has been increased each year and the number of visitors in 2017 was 28million. Japanese food became more popular globally and they receive inquiries about their brands and the franchise package.
Now, they are ready to cooperate with partners in overseas. Based on their history of working together with partners, they are willing to share genuine Japanese cuisine and introduce Japanese culture, hospitality, and tastes.




Brand History

Since 2015


Japan and Malaysia

Investment (Reference) per store

15,000,000 JPY ~

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