Terms of use

J-FOOD LICENSING is a service operated and provided by FranDo (legal name: Biz Rise Co., Ltd.) (hereinafter “the Company”). These Terms shall apply to all those who use the services, (“Users”) provided via this website. By using this website, you agree to these terms.

Content of service

The main purpose of this website is for users to view market, franchise, and solution service information in the food industry, as well as to conduct business matching with carefully selected franchises. The contents of this service can be changed at any time without obtaining the user’s consent.

Scope of service

The scope of service on this website is to provide information to users, set up negotiation opportunities, send documents, respond to the contents of the franchise business, solicit, conduct sales activities, conclude contracts, and follow up after concluding. We assume no responsibility in the event of trouble arising between users and franchisers in cases not directly involving our company.

Management of registration information

Users are responsible for managing their own registration information which cannot be used by third parties, lent, transferred, traded, etc. The user shall assume the responsibility for damages caused by leakage of information due to insufficient management of registration information, error in use, use by third parties, unauthorized access, etc., and the Company will assume no liability.
Registration shall be done via email with this website, and the user shall be responsible for confirming, managing, and storing the registration information contained in emails automatically generated by us.


We will contact you directly regarding user inquiries. Direct contact from a person in charge of the affiliated franchise will be done with the user’s consent.

Usage fee

There is no charge for the use of any of the services on this website. In the event that user requires our advisory services as second opinion before or after the conclusion of the franchise agreement, we will provide you with a quotation for such services upon your consent.

Handling of personal information

Please check our privacy policy.


We do not guarantee any kind of information provided via this website, including its completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc. We are not responsible for the results of the service provided on this website due to reasons such as damage by virus, system failure, malfunction of software / hardware, line trouble, damage caused by natural disaster, etc.

Intellectual property rights

All rights (ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, etc.) on all materials (characters, images, video, audio, etc.) making up this website belong to our company or affiliated franchises.

Change of contract

We reserve the right to change these terms without notice. In this case, the terms and conditions after the change shall be applied to the terms of use of the services of this website.

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Feb 19, 2021